Fund Raiser Walk

Canine Sports Centre have partnered with Husky Rescue on a number of activities including our latest Caught on Camera photo-shoot where dogs were kindly transported from the Haven in Lanseria to CSC where photographers and props and wide open spaces greeted them.

On 2 July CSC hosted a fund-raiser walk and we invited all Husky Rescue supporters to attend the walk with us.

CSC is a fantastic facility and all proceeds from the walk went towards the upkeep of the facility as well as raising much needed funding for Husky Rescue. It was a great way to spend a cool Saturday morning in July.

All breeds of dogs were welcomed.

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And after the Outwalk all dogs were invited to have some off leash fun in one of CSC 5 enclosures. Humans also joined in the fun.

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Liza Fawkes

“Awesome time spent with you all today.
Thanks everyone and a HUGE thanks to Siobhan Kelly and Tony for taking Blue and Huntress out of the kennels and for the lovely lady who walked them
Blue and Huntress spent the rest of the day with me on our plot before taking them back to the kennels at 3pm.
Only Husky people will understand the need for these Dogs to be loved and exercised.
This photo was taken of them when I took them home 🙂 They slept on the short drive back 🙂
Thanks Guys and Girls
 — feeling thankful.”

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