Bench and Strength - Yoga

Saturdays: 7:30am

There are numerous benefits to massage for us humans, and those benefits also extend to our canine companions. Learn when & how to stretch your dog correctly &  importance of this.

Here we focus on improving your dogs core strength, flexibility and balance.

Techniques and equipment used in class will be boost your dogs confidence levels as they grow stronger they have more control of their bodies as a whole which assist in prevention of injury. They will be learn complex exercises in a safe & controlled manner.

The massage and stretches are an excellent way of enriching your bond & relationship with your dog,. This class is bsed on relaxation, awareness & balance all in a tranquile environment.

Recommended for all dogs, whether your dog has specialized or compromised physical conditions or is healthy and participates in active sports. Every owner can benefit by getting to know their dogs body🐾

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