The perfect healthy Christmas dinner for dogs

Canine dietary consultant Kristina Johansen shares her recipe for a nutrient-packed canine festive feast guaranteed to get tails wagging.

Dogs are much-loved members of the family and it’s hard to resist slipping them scraps or even shovelling a helping of food into their bowl but while we love to indulge on December 25, canine dietary consultant Kristina Johansen advises that our pets must not do the same.

While many of our Christmas standards such as turkey, carrots and Brussels sprouts are good for dogs, it’s important that dog-owners know which elements of the Christmas meal can be dangerous for their four-legged friends.

Kristina, who runs a London-based dog nutrition service, also warns that if you think your dog has eaten any harmful food or liquid you must call the vet immediately as the effects can often be reversed or minimised if treated in time


turkey, christmas

Quantity: Half the daily calories for a medium-sized dog

Nutritional information: Protein 49g; fat 10g; carbohydrates 88g

100g turkey, roasted skinless

40g canned salmon, drained

350g potatoes, boiled or plain mash

50g Brussels sprouts, boiled

50g carrot, raw or boiled

1tbsp cranberry sauce

6tbsp giblet stock

Consult your vet before feeding to any dogs with health issues.

Prepare the ingredients, mix together and place in the dog bowl. For an added treat, core an apple (down the middle and across) and stuff the mixture in to the gaps.

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