Parkour (Saturday's & Private)

This sport is all about relationship, fun and creativity! Parkour is tricks, fitness, and obedience, all in one! Parkour by definition is using the environment for playing and training. The great thing about it is that you can do it anywhere, anytime, using whatever obstacles are present and available-trees, benches, bike racks, tires, etc. There is training involved of course, but our Crossfit allows the flexibility to choose appropriate obstacles for your dog’s ability, and the creativity to train a variety of fun behaviors on cue, using the world as a playground for training and playing is FUN!  With an emphasis on safety.

Practical Parkour , class description

Practical so called because this class is actually a fusion of obedience, agility, fitness and tricks all in one-and it is convenient, accessible and fun for anyone! Dogs and humans of all ages and abilities can enjoy this activity, and humans need no fancy footwork or running. Add more fun to your everyday walks and hikes. Your dog will gain confidence and learn to function and focus in any environment while you enjoy quality time together. This class is all about making the most of training, fun and relationship, wherever you go!

Safety first-because there are no extremes here,and we will be following the rules of the International Dog Parkour Association where safety is priority. Practical agility-because you work with whatever the environment provides, with no need for speed or expensive equipment. Learn to safely use what is convenient and available for training, fun and fitness! Obedience because we will be teaching behaviors on cue with a variety of obstacles. Your dog will learn to focus and function in any environment, because it is FUN! Fitness because body awareness is an integral part of this class. Tricks because it’s ALL tricks anyway!?

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