The Launching-Pad: <strong>Puppy Training</strong> 8 - 12 weeks

Learning whilst playing & building concepts related to a lifelong rewarding relationship between you and your puppy is what our aim is in Launching-Pad. As the name suggests we want send your puppies into the big world with confidence,curiosity & the expectation that everything in life is an adventure.

They will be learning some of the most important things like: recalls,collar/lead manners, downs, retrieving, off, some important tricks most essential mindful doggy manners.

This class will help your puppy meet challenges with an open mind and a brain that wants to engage.

We will focus on building a strong relationships in the foundation stages making your puppy smart,resourceful & able to problem solve?

Bringing your pup to puppy training classes is proven to give you …

  • Increased sociability towards people and other dogs
  • More control over your pup’s behaviour
  • Knowledge of how to handle your pup now and in the future
  • A sound investment of a couple of hours now for the many years to come!


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