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Urgent Appeal from Poor Starving Freddie Basset

Saturday 03 December

Fred the Basset

Murdock Mutt the roving reporter from The Daily Pet has received an urgent appeal from poor starving Freddie Basset.  Please read the appeal in the photo.  Freddie would like it known that whilst he woofs his ma to bits, she cannot be relied on to provide tasty treats as she has put him on a strict diet for being too fat!

Freddie says he is just “Big Boned” and not Fat!  Readers of the Daily Pet we urge you to assist in the poor starving Bassets appeal.  It is a sorry state of affairs when a noble hound is reduced to begging for a few paltry treats….

mission-impossibleIt’s become “Mission Impossible” and the action has started trying to get a bowl of cat food off Freddie …. Eish!



As reported by the roving reporter Murdoch Mutt …

Guilty Dog Get Caught 

Monday 31 October

A lot of dogs are mischievous, and not all are good at hiding their guild.  Freddie is blatantly guilty and he knows it, but is it his fault?


Freddies plot to steal the pizza worked and by the time his owner found him he had finished the lot.

Freddie has been charged with being a “bad dog” and could face a hefty time-out .

The investigation is ongoing with many of his supporters in favor of “letting Freddie off” and giving his owner “special Freddie management training”.


Thursday 3 November

‘Murdoch Mutt’ reporting on Freddie’s trail which is currently postponed  ….

mango-jerryFreddie has engaged the pro bono services of ‘AdvoCat Mungo Jerry’ to defend him and Freddie has of coursed convinced him to give him the Probono.

‘AdvoCat Mungo Jerry’ obtained his law degree at ‘Catties’ and is a member of the ‘IFP’ (InCata Freedom Party) and he will without fear or prejudice defend Freddie who is a member of the ‘ANC’ (A Naughty Canine).


‘Shaun the Sheep’ who is a member of the ‘DA’ (Daffy Animal) was originally assigned Prosecutor but misplaced the docket and as a new Prosecutor has yet to be named the case has been postponed.  Supporters of Freddie are grateful that ‘Shaun the Sheep’ is no longer Prosecuting the case, as Freddie would end up as a hot dog!

_dsc4922It has also been reported that certain Jurors have been dismissed as being unbiased in the case of Freddie and with Freddie’s large support base all rooting for him finding unbiased Jurors has become an arduous task.


Friday 11 November

Freddie was sentenced to attend training at Canine Sports Center where both him and his handler will be reformed, Freddie will need to learn how not to steal food but his handler will have to learn to “Freddie Proof” all food items and leave nothing to chance.

Wednesday 9 November



Freddie is and still remains the “King of the Castle”

The life of a Spoilt Dog


Annie has no trouble getting her way and ensuring she only gets the best.

Here she sits patiently waiting for her fillet steak, medium rare followed by ice cream and a bowl of milk.






Monday’s have gone to the Dogs

Monday’s are always hectic, trying to rush around and get ready to get to work, do your shopping or run those chores.   Well Freddie knows how to sleep and refuses to move.












Freddie is more Intelligent than Lead to Believe

Freddie has us all fooled, but with a secret camera its found he’s gathering information from the local news, maybe all to improve on his secret “food snatching” abilities …



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