How do you select a good puppy school?


  1. The right “Trainer”:
  • Has good qualifications & experience in early canine development.
  • Uses positive reinforcement training methods.
  • Makes training a fun & enjoyable experience for both you and your puppy.
  • Is approachable and encourages questions.
  • Clearly explains and demonstrates each lesson.
  • Is polite to dogs and handlers alike.
  • Gives individual attention to learners.
  • Allows sufficient opportunity for his learners to practice.


The Animal Healing Centre

The Animal Healing Centre is run by Jenny Shone, assisted part-time by Laverne. In addition, Jenny’s team of animal assistants ensures she gets enough time to play, act as her advisors and play a vital role in helping with workshops and in helping Jenny write her books.

Crystal Park Veterinary Hospital, Benoni

107 Totius Street
Crystal Park
Telephone: 011 969 4868
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