Dog Training

Group Dog Training Courses

Our Group Dog Training Courses  are run every Saturday. We welcome all shapes, sizes and breeds of dogs including mixed breeds.  We share the passion for helping handlers and their dogs. Our club is run along the lines of  a dog school offering a range of courses.



The Launching-Pad (puppies 8 weeks – 6 months)

Learning whilst playing & building concepts related to a lifelong rewarding relationship between you and your puppy is what our aim is in Launching-Pad. As the name suggests we want send yourRead More...
By : Canine Sports | Jun 1, 2020

Agility Foundations

This is a fun technical dog sport that will keep you and your dog not only active but mentally stimulated. In agility foundations we will introduce your dog to all the variousRead More...
By : Canine Sports | May 31, 2020

Agility Beginners & Intermediate

Dogs attending Agility Beginners must have attended Agility Foundations or trained and understand all the basic handling covered in Agility Foundations. For Dogs attending Agility Intermediate must have attended Agility Beginners.   ThisRead More...
By : Canine Sports | May 30, 2020


This sport is all about relationship, fun and creativity! Parkour is tricks, fitness, and obedience, all in one! Parkour by definition is using the environment for playing and training. The great thingRead More...
By : Canine Sports | Apr 28, 2020



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