Dog Training

<strong>Private Dog Training</strong> designed for you, your dog, and your schedule

Canine Sports Centre  Trainers specialize in practical, communication-based training that improves your dog’s behavior by teaching them to make rewarding decisions.   In Private Dog Training we’ll train a dog to be more than just a good dog on the surface.   We teach dogs how to be happy, stable, well-rounded, and socially sound so that they can be the dogs their families dream of.

We offer this at our training school with just you, your dog and the instructor present. There is a lot accomplished in these personal lessons, as they are one-on-one lessons.

We have a three Stage Approach to training and address all types of training challenges – from teaching the fundamentals of good behavior to puppies, to resolving troubling behaviors like leash reactivity and dog aggression.

Consultation (30 minutes)

This is where your trainer asks a lot of questions, gets to know you and your dog, and identifies your needs.  You’ll know your trainer and the plan they have in mind for you because we want you to succeed with your dog.

Your training plan will consider your schedule, abilities, your dog’s behavior and needs, and your training goals.  We may recommend a certain number of private lessons (typically between 4 and 8) to help you reach your goals.

Training Lessons (60 minutes)

Training typically begins right after your consult.

Our training approach is 3 stages, addressing behavior problems at their root:

  1. Human/Dog relationship Building –  Establish good communication and leash handling habits.  Creating a schedule that works for the people and dog(s) in the house.
  2. Training  Obedience Fundamentals –  A shared language between you and your dog, we’ll teach your how to proof it around distractions and apply it in practical situations to set clear expectations for your dog.
  3. Custom Training Exercises:  We will develop exercises specifically for you, your home, and your dog that address specific behavior problems directly.


Your trainer’s goal is to render themselves obsolete, giving you the tools you need to influence your dog’s behavior in every situation.  Our homework is short, simple, kind, and based on what you learn with us during our lessons together.  It’s not hard to keep up with because it simply involves communicating with your dog in everyday situations.  It is a necessary and rewarding part of the training process.

These classes are available by appointment and are held Mondays – Fridays at a time that is convenient to both of us.

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