Rules of Canine Sports Centre

At CSC our goal is to help you and your dog learn in a fun, supportive atmosphere. We want everyone to be able to focus on their dog. We want dogs to stay safe, and people too! Please follow these rules so that all can enjoy their CSC experience.

For All

Clean up after your dog. We have bags available. This is a mandatory rule. Anyone caught not cleaning up may lose any and all privileges.

No Flexi-leads or chain leads. These leashes are dangerous in close quarters in a class. Please use only a fabric or leather leash.

Be aware of your dog at all times. Keep your dog close, and focus on your dog. It’s easy to get to talking to a friend and forget where your dog is; meanwhile he may be behind you, staring down another dog or getting ready to lunge at that treat in a little girl’s hand. Remember, class is all about you and your dog; a time for you to be together and learn something fun and new. Save playing with other dogs and talking to your friends to before or after class.


We love kids at CSC and strongly believe that involving family in the dog training experience can reap huge benefits for child and dog alike. However, children must be directly supervised by a responsible adult.

  • No running and playing around the fields, this can disrupt classes and incite excitable dogs to chase. Not all dogs are kid friendly.
  • Children are also not allowed on the equipment at any time. The equipment is not child safe. We do not want your child injured, nor do we want expensive equipment damaged or broken.

Equipment & Fields

  • Only current CSC members with experience, may use the equipment, it looks fun. However, doing so without proper instruction could easily end up with a dog injured or badly scared. Enrol in a classes to learn to use the equipment safely.
  • Please avoid the temptation to put your dog on a piece of equipment he has not yet been introduced to, for the reasons above. You will get there soon, with proper instructor support and information.
  • NO food must be left on the equipment!
  • Do not throw food into tunnels.
  • Do not throw toys in tunnels, or leave toys in tunnels.

For CSC Members

  • Classes take priority.
  • Respect others and be courteous of your time.
  • If you move it, put it back. If you make a mess, clean it up. If you turned it on, turn it back off. If you break it, own up and take responsibility.
  • Do not leave food/treats lying around. This can cause vermin to infest our grounds or an allergic reaction in another dog.
  • Do not leave your dog at the centre unattended.
  • No equipment is allowed to be removed from the centre.
  • Be safe. If working alone.
  • No dog shall ever be treated harshly or inhumanely. Membership revocation may ensue.
  • CLOSE UP.Make sure all exterior gates are properly closed after entering and exiting. Do not assume that because a car is in the parking lot, someone else is there.

Before Leaving

  • Take any personal items
  • Pick up trash and dog waste
  • Make sure gates and/or doors are locked and closed properly

Canine Sports Centre members who fail to comply with any of the established rules and regulations will be subject to revocation of their privileges with no refund of fees. Rules and regulations may be amended from time to time.

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