At The Canine Sports Center training your dog is much easier than Training your dragon.  How do I know this because I go with 5 of my dogs.

There are various levels of training from puppy  to the advanced, in all aspects of dog training,  activity, obedience up to advanced level. Both dog and owner are taught how to achieve the maximum benefit for their pet  .   Expert tuition is given by the 3 excellent trainers there and nobody is written off as being too stupid or  any dog as being  un- trainable.

My Annie is a wiz at activity, this class is taken by Siobhan and over the last few years Annie has excelled under the guidance and teaching of Siobhan, to the extent that my expectations for what my dog can do have been exceeded.

Bertie my baby Basset is in the puppy class, he started 3 weeks ago and in those 3 weeks under the guidance of Mandy he his gradually leaning doggy manners and basic commands by the time he gets to 1 year old  he will be a well behaved young dog with manners, who I will be able to take anywhere..

Chance is about 10  months old and is being trained by Leigh , he has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few months and his confidence is building  each time he goes to school.

Freddy is a large 2 year Old basset hound and comes under the heading as being a little difficult to train, being a scent hound he is easily distracted but immense patience is shown in his training , as it is done at the pace to which he can cope with to the extent that Freddy finally achieved his goal to become a Therapy dog.

Boffin goes for what is called “just a social”,  he lacked confidence but since attending Canine Sports Center his confidence has improved dramatically and he has fun interacting with the other dogs in the social enclosure.

The truly wonderful thing about this dog school is that everything is done to ensure that dog and owner have fun and learn, no punishments just rewards , and the knowledge that a fun time is definitely had by all.  Would I go anywhere else, the simple is answer is NO. Canine Sports Center meets and exceeds all my expectations for me and my four legged fur kids.

“Jann Suttie”