At Canine Sports Centre we provide every dog with the very best care that they deserve.  Your needs are as unique as your pet’s personality, and we strive to give you the confidence you need to know that your best friend is in capable, skilled and compassionate hands.

We treat your furry best friends like our very own, with lots of love and attention.

We are a force free and reward based dog training and dog daycare centre situated in Benoni on the East Rand, in a fully secured environment.  The centre is divided into various camps where we teach many training disciplines.  We pride ourselves in finding the handler and dog’s hidden potential.

Dog Daycare

We offer the perfect environment for your dog to get proper exercise while socializing with their furry friends. Have the peace of mind knowing your dog's engaged, exercised and safe in a professional facility designed for canine happiness.

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Dog Training

We use the best, positive-based training methods for proven, lasting results. Our lessons are custom-tailored to meet your training goals and overcome your individual challenges, whether you’re looking for obedience training, help with manners, or some fun new tricks.

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Private Training Lessons

We offer private training lessons during the week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays. Where full attention during the lesson is given to you and your dog.

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Dog Training Courses

Trick Dog Classes

Starting 6th of June 2024 at 10:00am

We welcome all shapes, sizes and breeds of dogs including mixed breeds.  We share the passion for helping handlers and their dogs. Our club is run along the lines of  a dog school offering a range of courses.

Debs and Lyn are friends and co-workers that live in the Christon Bank area of Zimbabwe.  Together they feed over 165 dogs and 37 cats a good meal every day.  Sadly, many of these animals have been abandoned by their owners.

These 2 ladies, and some helpers, follow different routes when feeding (taking up to 6 hours a day); they give the animals freshly prepared meat, pellets and vegetables, and they also ensure that there is clean water available.

The animals are treated for ticks and fleas, are given inoculations when required, are treated for any injuries and are sterilised.

The pellets, meat, vegetables, fuel, maintenance of vehicles, vet bills, tick and flea control, inoculations and the staff that help them are paid for by themselves – they have no funding! They do get VAWZ rates when they take an animal to the vet, which is a great help.

Debs and Lyn work closely with VAWZ (Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Zimbabwe) and the SPCA, ensuring that the welfare of the animals is maintained.  VAWZ do run Rabies and Sterilisation campaigns which is free of charge and an amazing initiative, but there are times when the animals need to be treated outside of the campaigns; this is then at their own expense.

They have been doing this for the last 10 years but now need some financial help. ANY contribution will make such a big difference and will also enable them to help more animals in need.

Canine Sports Centre

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