Canine Sports Centre is a force free reward based dog training school situated in Benoni on the East Rand, where we teach you how to train your dog in a fully secured environment.  The school is divided into three training areas where we teach various training disciplines.  We pride ourselves in finding the handler and dog’s hidden potential.

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Group -  Dog Training Courses

Our Group Dog Training Courses  are run every Saturday. We welcome all shapes, sizes and breeds of dogs including mixed breeds.  We share the passion for helping handlers and their dogs. Our club is run along the lines of  a dog school offering a range of courses.

Who we Are


CSC The Beginning

Some photo’s of Canine Sport Centre in the early days – Shoo almost forgot how awful it looked! Clarissa Olivier
By : Clarissa Olivier | Jul 7, 2016

Our Services

Group classes are run on Saturdays Group classes are kept small, to ensure that every dog and owner gets the attention they deserve. Private lessons are offered during the week (Monday toRead More...
By : Canine Sports | Jul 4, 2016

Private field socials

We offer a unique service where you can book the field and secure the park for your personal use which includes off leash runs and swimming in a custom built dog poolRead More...
By : Canine Sports | Jul 4, 2016

Socializing your best friend

All dogs need to learn about the world and get used to people, it’s peer group, older dogs and other animals. In this way your “Best Friend” learns that the world isRead More...
By : Canine Sports | Jul 4, 2016

Who we are

CSC is a force free reward based dog training school situated in Benoni on the East Rand, where we teach you how to train your dog in a fully secured environment.  The schoolRead More...
By : Canine Sports | Jul 4, 2016


At CSC I get to "Think, Innovate and Be Myself" I learn something new every week, I love it so much my human build me my own playground at home!  Me and all my friends go on regular outings and walks, I always get very excited! It is crazy friends, fun times & unconditional love! "Yogi"Yogi,
We can’t wait to play, run with our friends every Saturday and learn new tricks. Our Humans are also finally adapting to the training – It’s been hard but we will persevere….. "Blue & Sherlock"Blue & Sherlock,
At The Canine Sports Center training your dog is much easier than Training your dragon.  How do I know this because I go with 5 of my dogs. There are various levels of training from puppy  to the advanced, in all aspects of dog training,  activity, obedience up to advanced level. Both dog and owner are taught how to achieve the maximum benefit for their pet  .   Expert tuition is given by the 3 excellent trainers there and nobody is written off as being too stupid or  any dog as being  un- trainable. My Annie is a wiz at activity, this class is taken by Siobhan and over the last few years Annie has excelled under the guidance and teaching of Siobhan, to the extent that my expectations for what my dog can do have been exceeded. Bertie my baby Basset is in the puppy class, he started 3 weeks ago and in those 3 weeks under the guidance of Mandy he his gradually leaning doggy manners and basic commands by the time he gets to 1 year old  he will be a well behaved young dog with manners, who I will be able to take anywhere.. Chance is about 10  months old and is being trained by Leigh , he has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few months and his confidence is building  each time he goes to school. Freddy is a large 2 year Old basset hound and comes under the heading as being a little difficult to train, being a scent hound he is easily distracted but immense patience is shown in his training , as it is done at the pace to which he can cope with to the extent that Freddy finally achieved his goal to become a Therapy dog. Boffin goes for what is called “just a social”,  he lacked confidence but since attending Canine Sports Center his confidence has improved dramatically and he has fun interacting with the other dogs in the social enclosure. The truly wonderful thing about this dog school is that everything is done to ensure that dog and owner have fun and learn, no punishments just rewards , and the knowledge that a fun time is definitely had by all.  Would I go anywhere else, the simple is answer is NO. Canine Sports Center meets and exceeds all my expectations for me and my four legged fur kids. "Jann Suttie",
How do you deal with seven high maintenance canines? You discipline, socialise, exercise and stimulate their minds by challenging their ability to perform acts which are essentially foreign to their natures. Where? Who? CANINE SPORTS CENTRE, Benoni, where Mandy Pigott and her very dedicated and able team are in attendance. The Centre offers large secure premises with top class agility equipment and a lovely doggy pool that even the most "reluctant swimmer" will use after a hectic training session! We have a well balanced, happy and contented pack of furkids thanks to CSC! "Eric and Joan Gunning"Eric and Joan Gunning,
I have been a client of Mandy's for many years. She has seen many of my animals. For me, the most important aspect of taking my dogs to Mandy has been the care, love and general affection she has shown to my dogs. The programme she sets out for each animal, testing their particular strengths, making sure it gives fun and enjoyment to the animal while exercising. In my case where I have had 3 dogs with severe disabilities in the form of amputated legs, bilateral Gricillis tendons,cancer and now a severely broken leg, she has managed their time with her extremely well. Still ensuring they have fun and work to their ability. Looking forward we will continue with our weekly routine and my dogs can't wait for their session!! Jumping and barking to get into the car!! "Lola has passed away since this picture was taken.  You were a very special baby Lolli and we miss you" "ROSEMARY RICKARDS"Rosemary Rickards,
Canine Sports Centre is an amazing experience!! I first signed up my Husky Gambit for private lessons with Mandy to learn the basic skills and put his energy into good use, within a few weeks I could already see the difference! Myself and my husband being owned at the time by 3 huskies and 1 mixed breed needed all the help we could get in our busy household. Then came the 4th Husky, adopted through Siobhan at Husky Rescue South Africa, a very, very busy 10 month old little girl with boundless energy "Snow" often nicknamed "Snow'vaLanche", Leigh took Snow under her wing and taught her all the basics and some very "cool" tricks! We are now training with Siobhan, each class bringing something new and exciting to the mix.  So having trained with all the trainers I can tell  how much each of them just love the dogs and care for the owners they work with, they are there to answer any questions or concerns whenever you need it! You and your dog or dogs get taken on field trips in and around the neighbourhood to prove your skills, which is something we really enjoy! We use the field on Sundays to take our whole pack for off-leash running in the secure environment, where they run, play, swim and get much needed stimulation. Thank you Mandy, Leigh & Siobhan for your amazing work and giving our home a happy and contented pack of FurBabies! "Lynn, Jacques & The Dusty Huskies"Lynn, Jacques & The Dusty Huskies,


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