Canine Sports Centre is an amazing experience!! I first signed up my Husky Gambit for private lessons with Mandy to learn the basic skills and put his energy into good use, within a few weeks I could already see the difference! Myself and my husband being owned at the time by 3 huskies and 1 mixed breed needed all the help we could get in our busy household.

Then came the 4th Husky, adopted through Siobhan at Husky Rescue South Africa, a very, very busy 10 month old little girl with boundless energy “Snow” often nicknamed “Snow’vaLanche”, Leigh took Snow under her wing and taught her all the basics and some very “cool” tricks!

We are now training with Siobhan, each class bringing something new and exciting to the mix.  So having trained with all the trainers I can tell  how much each of them just love the dogs and care for the owners they work with, they are there to answer any questions or concerns whenever you need it!

You and your dog or dogs get taken on field trips in and around the neighbourhood to prove your skills, which is something we really enjoy!

We use the field on Sundays to take our whole pack for off-leash running in the secure environment, where they run, play, swim and get much needed stimulation.

Thank you Mandy, Leigh & Siobhan for your amazing work and giving our home a happy and contented pack of FurBabies!

“Lynn, Jacques & The Dusty Huskies”