I have been a client of Mandy’s for many years. She has seen many of my animals.

For me, the most important aspect of taking my dogs to Mandy has been the care, love and general affection she has shown to my dogs.

The programme she sets out for each animal, testing their particular strengths, making sure it gives fun and enjoyment to the animal while exercising.
In my case where I have had 3 dogs with severe disabilities in the form of amputated legs, bilateral Gricillis tendons,cancer and now a severely broken leg, she has managed their time with her extremely well. Still ensuring they have fun and work to their ability.
Looking forward we will continue with our weekly routine and my dogs can’t wait for their session!! Jumping and barking to get into the car!!

“Lola has passed away since this picture was taken. ¬†You were a very special baby Lolli and we miss you”